Hello, we are the Yeager Family and we hope you enjoy our blog.  We recently added a new member to our family (Welcome Miss Joslyn!), and decided that starting a family blog would be a great way to keep track of our lives.  Also, it’s just fun and a great way to share events and happenings with our friends and family (especially those who live so far away that we miss dearly).  As many of you know, our dog, Nala, has her own blog (http://www.nwridgeback.blogspot.com), but this one is dedicated to the entire family.  We hope you enjoy a sneak peek into our adventures, big & small.


Husband, Dad, Fish Biologist, Environmentalist, Cyclist, Avid Reader, Technology Junkie, Outdoor Lover, Lawn Guru, All Around GREAT Guy!!


Wife, Mom, Teacher, Cook, Gardener, Outdoor Lover, House Cleaner, Milk Maid, Dog Walker, Photo Junkie!!


Daughter, Baby Girl, Sweet Pea, Dirty Diaper Maker, Fuss Bucket,  Spit-Up Queen, Sugar Plum, Sleeper, Milk Lover, Tiny Burper, Most Precious Babe in the Whole World!!


DOGter, Loyal Friend, Princess, Blanket Lover, Treat Hound, Sun Bather, Runner, Play Date Junkie, Trickster, Best Dog in the Whole World!!


One Response to About

  1. Angela Walton says:

    Amber & Justin,
    I love all the pictures you are taking of Joslyn, Nala, and of course you all. I pray all is going well with you all. We love you all!

    Uncle Turk & Aunt Angela

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