Addison & the Puppy | 18 Months


This little gal is already 1 and a half!  Still a tiny little thing but as fiery and independent as they come.  A little bit about our Addi girl…

  • Did I mention independent?  She likes to do things herself. In fact, she is quite skilled already at getting her shoes on, she definitely feeds herself (has for awhile) and is starting to drink from a big girl cup more proficiently, if something is out of her reach then she will climb to get it and she often prefers to go in the opposite direction when out for walks.  Apparently, she wants to lead the way.  Last week, she got one shoe on and when I asked if I could help with the other she promptly told me “NO!” and went into the other room for what felt like 5 minutes trying to do it herself. She finally came back and let me help her and then proceeded to sign and say, ‘car’ and when I asked if she wanted to go somewhere she gave me a giddy little laugh. I asked if she wanted to go for a walk and another giddy little laugh and the full body yes was her reply.  So, away we went.
  • She loves to color and will scream “colla, colla” and hand a crayon to the person she wants to color with her.
  • She’s a physical gal.  She runs (quite fast), gallops, dances, spins, tries to do somersaults, jumps and she loves to climb.
  • She adores her big sister (except when she won’t share with her) and often mimics her.  She will also try to get up really close, with her thumb in her mouth, and snuggle with her.  Since big sister has a sharing problem, this gal has learned that if she wants a toy to grab it and go.  She gets a “forbidden” toy, grins and then takes off like the wind.  I fear this is only the beginning.  Ugh. One day, they will share nicely, right!?
  • She sticks out her tongue and makes a silly sound when she wants a popsicle, which is often.
  • She’s an amazing eater. Evidenced by her sweet little belly.  She loves pasta, bananas, blueberries, green smoothies, tacos, bananas, red peppers, cucumbers, yogurt, pizza, cookies (of course!) and will generally eat most things. Both my girls also got my love for sour things…mustard, dill pickles, vinegar.  Addi and Jos both like to dip their pizza in balsamic vinegar. 🙂
  • She sleeps pretty well but definitely still likes to snuggle up next to Momma.  When she’s tired, she will walk herself to her bed and lay right down with that thumb.
  • She’s a little copycat when it comes to talking and definitely likes to parrot back the things we say.  Of course, no is her favorite word, even when the answer is yes.  My favorite word she says is slippery (“wippwee”).  Each day, she says “Hiwo Wiwee” (Hello, Lilly) to our neighbor’s horse.
  • Anytime there’s a chance to paint (or eat paint), she won’t be left out. She really enjoys art and creating.
  • She likes books and has a few favorites including Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Where’s Spot, Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you? and the Karen Katz lift the flap books.
  • She tells us when she needs a new diaper although she then doesn’t necessarily want to be changed. 😉
  • She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  I love the way her tiny arms reach around my neck and how she lays her head on my shoulder, so content and safe.
  • Anytime someone mentions the word “out/outside/walk” it’s all over and she runs to the window wanting to go out and then proceeds to run to get her “soos, soos, soos” (shoes)  I love that she’s an outdoor gal.  She could spend hours outside just walking around.
  • She’s a sweet and spunky little gal and we are so lucky she’s part of our family. A0-1-week1aSJust 1 week old! Ahhh!0-3S 0-4S 0-5S 0-6S 0-2S0-7S 0-9S 0-10S 0-12S 0-13aS 0-14S 0-15aS
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One Response to Addison & the Puppy | 18 Months

  1. Aunti Ali says:

    too cute for words. love the update!
    hugs and kisses,
    Auntie Ali

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