January Photo A Day | January 28


We visited a dear friend today who hasn’t been feeling well in an attempt to bring her a little cheer. Chaotic as it may be with two active girlies. 😉  Our friend has such an eclectic, funky style and the girls always love exploring her house.  Today, she brought out these fun magnets that Jos created a “throne” out of for her stuffed doggie and then Jos discovered the silly magnets on her fridge and put some on her own photo. 🙂  I sometimes think that it would be fun to have things like this (things discovered and enjoyed at another’s home) at our house but then quickly realize they would lose their magic.  It’s so fun to have special little things like this that you enjoy when visiting someone else.  I remember as a kid going to a neighbor’s home who had one of those pegboard jumping games (you know the one with the golf tees, can’t think of the name) or the “giant” grassy hill at my Aunt Mary’s house that we loved to endlessly roll down.  We also really loved sending “walnut boats” down the creek at my Aunt Mary’s too and then running to see if we could beat them to the bottom.  Those fun things and experiences we have are what build amazing connections and memories.

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