January Photo A Day | January 27


Some days are messy. Some days you wake up to no coffee.  The no coffee status makes you crabby.  Followed by repeating yourself over and over and over again to tiny humans who seem to have lost their ability to hear.  You get frustrated, angry even.  You realize that is helping no one.  You decide being late to preschool is ok.  You make an impromptu trip to the coffee shop for cocoa and that MUCH needed coffee.  You hope that small gesture helps make up for being a crabby Mommy this morning. You decide to paint with your toddler despite the fact that you will inevitably be cleaning up the mess for far longer than it took to assemble and complete the project.  You let her have fun while trying to keep her from CONSTANTLY trying to eat the paint.  You make lunch only to have it thrown on the floor.  You wonder how much food she has actually consumed today but you are too busy picking it up off the floor to dwell.  You get screamed at.  You hear the phrase “no, no, no” more than you care to even though that little voice is so stinkin’ cute.  You engage in wrestling matches. Oh wait, I mean diaper changes.  Insert more screaming. You wipe noses and clean faces as quickly as you can to try and reduce yet more screaming.  You take your child to the doctor even though chances are they will tell you it’s just something that has to pass.  They do, but not before there are more tears and screaming and “no,no,no” at said appointment.  You are only halfway through the day.  You still have the loooong afternoon ahead and dinner and bath and bedtime.  You tell yourself you can do this but know that if this were any other job, you would be running as fast as you could out the door yelling “I quit.”.  You don’t though because darn it, you love these little people.  You helped to create them. You are responsible for them.  You know that there are growing pains along the way.  Sometimes, a short break or time away helps but you always, always want to come back.  You always want to keep doing this over and over and over again because THEY are SO worth it.

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