January Photo A Day | January 18


“more more more”

I gave Jos & Addi a plate of cinnamon apples and cucumbers to snack on before dinner. Partly, to get some veggies and fruit in as you never know what they will actually eat at dinner time and partly to distract them so I could finish dinner.  They devoured them! Upon finishing, Miss Addi grabs the plate and holds it out in front of her as she’s walking toward the kitchen asking for more, more, more.  Love her little spirit and appetite!

After all that snacking, they both loved their dinner. I made Taco Stacks (first time making them) and wasn’t sure what they would think but they cleaned their plates. I adapted the recipe a tad by adding some black beans and I also used my own taco seasoning (I made it a tad less spicy than the original recipe) as opposed to a packet. I only made one of the taco stacks and the other one went in the freezer for an easy weeknight meal when I don’t feel like cooking, which means we’ll probably be eating it sooner than later. For dessert, it was Chocolate-Avocado Pudding. They both liked that too although I wouldn’t say it is one they will be asking for. 😉 You definitely get a subtle avocado flavor that comes through but it is still chocolaty enough.  I added a few white chocolate chips on top which was their favorite part. All in all, it was a successful dinner and dessert. I am going to enjoy this moment while I can. 😉

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