January Photo A Day | January 3


Oh, this girl!  Such a story this photo tells…

The runny nose courtesy of the cold leftover from Christmas, the shiny black shoes which she insisted on putting on as soon as she woke up this morning (she’s got a MAJOR shoe fetish going on right now) and the sad look on her face which we seem to be seeing a bit of as of late (thanks to the cold and teething). However, in this photo the sad face was a result of either Miss A feeling stuck or uncomfortable on the toy vacuum she decided to try out as a seat. We got these adorable wooden hand me down toys from friends and this vacuum was one of them. Addi likes to check out how comfortable different objects are as seats these days including colanders from the cupboards (which she has tried out on more than one occasion) but this one wasn’t a winner.  Onto the next test subject. 😉

Back to the teeth for a moment…  We visited the dentist right before Christmas and Addi had her first check-up which doesn’t involve much at this age.  The dentist did mention though that it was possible she was missing her lower lateral incisors (the ones on either side of the middle two bottom teeth) since they hadn’t come in and she was already getting molars. Plus, the dentist saw no swollen gums in that area to indicate teeth working their way through.  This was on top of a lovely report of cavities for the older one (Yep, feeling less than awesome when I left that office). I am happy to report though that one of the “potential missing teeth” has popped through! Hooray, but now I wish it would hurry up and finish the job as it is quite troublesome.  Love this little monkey though. She’s a fun one, for sure!

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