The Night Before Halloween…


when all through the house,

the puppy was barking,

and the owl went looking for a mouse.

Or something like that. 😉

We had a busy day with lots of Halloween fun!  It started off with a Preschool Halloween party, a trip to Daddy’s office to trick or treat, followed by a nap, downtown trick or treating, and then a spontaneous pizza party with friends.  Miss Jos went as Sky from the cartoon, Paw Patrol, this year and Addi wore Jos’s owl costume from when she was Addi’s age.  Well, she wore parts of it at different times. She wasn’t such a fan of the hat.


Yummy snacks at preschool.



Spider web balancing game.


These two made out like bandits at Daddy’s office. His co-workers literally dumped bags of candy into Jos’s backpack and then added more when they found out Addi didn’t have a bag! 🙂 Ahhh, Halloween.


Let the Downtown Trick or Treating begin…



I had a back-up hat for Addi as I feared she wouldn’t keep the big owl head on. 😉


I had to attempt a pic of me and my girls with costumes on but as you can see, Addi was having none of it. “Get this hat off of me Momma. I wore it for 5 minutes and now I am done!” She’s quite the pro at the back arch. You should see her when she’s really mad.


Happy Halloween!

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