Falls & Scrapes: A New Walker’s Rite of Passage


The morning started out with potential for a fun, accident-free adventure but….  It seems to be, as of late, that about 75% of the time, these well-intentioned outings go awry. Good thing the percentages aren’t higher or I would seriously take up the life of a hermit. Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind. 😉

After dropping Jos off at preschool, Addi and I went for a walk with a friend. Naturally, Miss A wanted to do some walking on her own, which I had planned but not quite so early into the journey. She had other plans, as they usually do…



She was cruising along and doing great (I think this was a smile) when out of nowhere…


she fell. This is pretty normal with a new walker and usually she catches herself and gets up and keeps truckin’, but somehow today she managed to land on her face and roll. 😦


It was very sad. She scraped up her face near her right eye and got some kind of yellow goo on her chin (no clue what that is but it won’t easily wash off!).  And now, this sweet babe is sleeping as she was done and done when we returned home.


Jos had a similar experience at the exact same age! She was walking around at the Rodeo Parade and did a face plant on the sidewalk.  All part of the growing pains of childhood, I suppose.

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