Fall Festival #1|2015


What a great way to spend our day! Anderson Family Farm puts on such a GREAT Fall festival and we will definitely be going back next year!

It seems like with the changing season, transitioning to the fall schedule (which includes preschool, speech, dance, soccer, etc…) and just the busyness of life in general with a preschooler and a VERY active 1 year old that things have been a bit out of whack lately.  I have not been as present in enjoying the way these two munchkins light up and get excited over small wonders. It’s all too easy to get caught up in daily tasks and not stop to enjoy the little things with your own “little things”. 😉 My hope is that being mindful of this cycle will help to break it and today was definitely a break in that cycle as I watched these two girlies smile and laugh and enjoy the gorgeous day!


We started off with a little donut bobbing, getting our faces nice and chocolaty.


After that, we visited the baby goats. Jos dubbed this one “Strawberry” (we have ALOT of stuffies and animal friends named Strawberry in our lives ;)). She was convinced that we were going to fork over $350 before we left so that we could bring this sweet goat home with us. Hmmm…. Goats and 4-H may be in our future!



Then, it was on to a ride on the Goat Train, which by the end of the day ended up being 3 rides on the goat train! It was a huge hit.


Addi and I even got in on the fun!


Next up was the obstacle course. Miss J rocked it! I loved seeing her in action.







Checking out the pumpkins was next on the agenda.



The straw was pretty exciting too!


The main event was the Goat Rodeo.  Miss Jos felt pretty special with her Goat Rodeo Princess sash and her purple hat. Never mind that the wind kept blowing it off, she was determined to wear it and keep it on!!




Not to mention that she kept doing laps when everyone else was finished, smiling and sticking her tongue out the whole way. Her hair was flying, her shoes were on backwards and she kept pulling her pants up as they were a bit too big, but the girl’s got her OWN style and I love it.  Needless to say, we couldn’t contain our laughter and delight at seeing this little monkey have SO much fun! The announcers were also pretty funny!  The Princesses and Buckaroos paraded around the hay bales, did a little barrel racing and even some…


goat tipping!! Hehehe!



At the end, the baby goats charged outside and all of the little goat wranglers got to feed them some milk from a bottle. The look on her face was priceless as this pack of goats came charging toward her. So much joy.



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