Addi Kay Turns 1 | Cake Smash


Finally getting Miss Addi’s cake smash from WV posted. It was so special to get to celebrate her turning 1 in WV since we are so far from my family and they often miss out on these momentous occasions and milestones, but not this one. She used the highchair that my brothers and I used as babies and her cupcake was an Apple Spice Cupcake made from Papaw Johnny’s apples in his orchard. Of course, we photographed her under the apple trees as that seemed the best spot. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of everyone staring at her and it took her awhile to get going. At first, she seemed to prefer making motorboat noises with Papaw and talking to the dogs that were barking. 😉










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 Meanwhile, big sister is climbing trees…


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One Response to Addi Kay Turns 1 | Cake Smash

  1. Pauline Pishner says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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