Addison & the Puppy | Months 10, 11 &12


Can’t believe this girl is 1 already! What a year it has been watching her grow and become her own little person in our family.  She is quite the lively one. She makes sure her opinions are heard, loud and clear ( as in, you need ear plugs when you tell her no or do something she doesn’t like such as get her dressed, change her diaper or remove her from where she wants to be), she is a snuggle bug and gives the sweetest kisses and pats your back when she hugs you, she is a little spider monkey and climbs on anything and everything (gonna need to watch this one!), she loves to play peek-a-boo, she wants people to walk her around all the time and she uses her toes to feel everything she walks across, she adores her sister and lights up when she plays with her, she is funny and has the cutest laugh and the best smile. We love you our Addi girl, SUPER much, as your sister would say. We are so thankful you are part of our family. Happy First Birthday, baby girl.


Month 10


Month 11


Month 12

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