Tour De Washington


After attempting a push bike with this girl for the past couple of years, we decided to get a pedal bike. She was NOT a fan of the push bike so we were a bit unsure how she would take to a pedal bike and debated on whether or not it was a good purchase, etc…

Well, turns out that she LOVES it! We have been on her bike everyday since her birthday. Today was her longest ride yet and she even powered up a very small hill and didn’t want any help. 😉 This opens up a whole new world and I am so excited to ride with my girl.



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2 Responses to Tour De Washington

  1. alison rice says:

    woo hoo, how fun. next time I see her I bet the training wheels will be off and she’ll be speeding through the streets of town. Go J, Go J, Goooooooooooo!

  2. alison rice says:

    Next year come see us in Aug. and we can do the bike for pie on Bainbridge, they have a family friendly version as well as 33 miler,

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