Our Dancing Flower


Our big girl had her first dance recital today.  It was alot to take in, especially for a 3 year old.  Although there were some trying times (tiredness, overstimulation, etc…), our tiny dancer felt very proud and excited about going out onto the big stage and performing.  She has always been one who feels a tad out of sorts with large crowds (wanting a “safe” person very close by) but she made it through.  Afterwards, she told us that she was not scared at all and that she was so happy she did it.  Hooray!  I think I was more nervous right before her class performed than she was.  It was pretty neat to see her out there dancing and watching her teacher so intently.  Have I mentioned her teacher?!  The amazing Ms. Sara deserves so much credit for the wonderful job she does with these munchkins.  First, she’s a great teacher, but she is also nurturing, silly & kind.  All things that are a must when working with such young ones.  As we were walking to our car after the performance, Jos asked when she got to start dance class again and when I told her not until fall, she insisted she wanted to have playdates with Ms. Sara this summer. 🙂  So thankful our girl had Sara as her teacher this year and that she truly enjoyed dancing.


She was also super excited to get flowers after the performance and go out for Fro Yo.  And now, I am thinking she may sleep in until at least 8am tomorrow morning. 🙂

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