Addison & the Puppy | Months 8 & 9



Just like that, she is 9 months old!



Such an Addi face. LOVE those pursed lips.


Here are a few things that we love about our Addi girl right now…

* How she waves hello. It started with the palm up and has now progressed to a back and forth wave.

*Her happy nature. This girl is generally happy and tends to go with the flow of whatever life throws at her.

*How she wakes us in the morning…  She pats our backs, rolling back and forth between Justin and I, until we open our eyes and meet her stare and huge grin.

*Her opinionated nature.  This girl definitely lets us know when she is NOT happy, usually because we have taken something from her or are trying to clean her up.  It doesn’t typically last long though.

*How she lays her head on my shoulder and cuddles, so still and sweet.

*Our early morning bird watching on the front porch.  She just sits so still with her head against my chest and watches and listens, pointing at the birds as they fly by.

*Her “Caterpillar Crawl”.  She is getting pretty fast but still hasn’t figured out how to do it on hands and knees. That’s ok because her way is so stinkin’ cute.

*How she is starting to pull herself up. She is getting so strong.

*Her curious nature. She wants whatever her sister has, much to Jos’s dismay, and she is constantly grabbing things and trying to stick them in her mouth.  Jos was pretty easy when it came to this and I didn’t worry as much about things going in her mouth but Addi is a different story.

*How she loved our Nala dog. She would grab for her, wanting to touch her often.  Whenever she was eating, Nala always provided entertainment as she lurked in the shadows trying to steal some food but it was fairly easy as Addi would reach for her and let her lick her fingers.  How we all miss that SO much.

*How she likes to play peek-a-boo and chase.

*Her love of food.  She is a good little eater and usually likes most things.  A few of the new things she has tried recently are asparagus (better mixed with sweet potato), red pepper, mango and peaches.  Her favorites include butternut squash, sweet potatoes, mango, pears and zucchini with pears and cinnamon.

*How she blows and makes a funny noise when she doesn’t want to nurse or when she doesn’t want to do something.  It’s her way of saying, “all done.”

*How she climbs up and down her mattress, which is on the floor now. She also sits up, lays down, sits up, lays down and repeats about 30 times before falling asleep.  She is SO busy practicing all of her new skills.

*Her friendly nature.  She is generally willing to give away smiles and play with others as long as Momma is near.  If someone tries to hold her, she does better if she can’t see Momma.  Her Grampi is probably the person, other than Mom and Dad, that she goes to most easily.

*Her excitement when Daddy comes home or when Momma has been away and returns.  She gets so smiley and reaches for us.

*How she still watches Jos’s moves and wants to be right in the middle of whatever she is doing.  She loves it when Jos notices her and plays with her.

*Those big, expressive brown eyes and that snaggle tooth smile. 🙂

We love our Addi girl and her blossoming personality more and more each day.







Ready, set, GO!  This photo about sums it up. Have camera ready, put baby on the blanket, run to get in position making silly noises, snap then repeat.  She will NOT sit for long, this one.

Happy 9 months! We LOVE you, our sweet Addi Paddi.

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