Nala News


Oh, Miss Nala…

She has an insatiable appetite and frequently steals food from Joslyn and snags anything that drops on the floor, which we take as a good sign despite how crazy it makes us (or should I say me) at times, but her tumor seems visibly larger this week.  She doesn’t have the energy she used to and occasionally loses her footing (on the back leg where the tumor is closest) but regains it without falling.  Then she goes and does things like jump over logs. Not with the vigor and excitement she once had, but still, it’s pretty fun to see this.  You can actually see the tumor in the above photo just to the left of her back right leg.  😦  It has to be uncomfortable but she seems to be handling it well right now.  She even went on a hike with us this Saturday.

Admittedly, there have been a number of days (since having human kiddos) that Nala’s presence goes more unnoticed. Lately though, I have started noticing more how she follows me into a room, whether it be the bedroom to nurse Addi and get her down for a nap, the kitchen (of course), and yes, she even follows me into the bathroom! (just like a kid!) 🙂  She just wants to be near, even if I am cleaning or nursing or reading books or playing How to Train Your Dragon and completely oblivious to her, it doesn’t matter.  She likes to be with us, whatever we are doing.  While I may feel guilt over the many days where life is busy and chaotic and she isn’t attended to as she used to be, for her just being with us is enough.  A good reminder to be mindful and in the moment and appreciative of all the good that surrounds us on a daily basis.  So, as long as she is able, that is exactly why we will continue to take her hiking and on adventures with us. Even though she may get tired and we may wonder if we have pushed her too far, ultimately, she just wants to be where we are.  Yes, our adventures will be shorter and less “extreme”, but adventures, nonetheless. 🙂



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One Response to Nala News

  1. alison rice says:

    oh sweet Nala, sweet sweet girl.

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