Easter Egg Fun


We colored a few Easter eggs yesterday.  I think this may have been the first “official” time we have done it.  Jos tried at a friend’s house last year but I think she only did one (she wasn’t feeling well and we ended up leaving the egg coloring party early) but this year, she was really into it.

My favorite method was to place a hot egg back in the carton and let Jos pick some crayons out to color them.  The crayon wax melts right onto the hot egg.  It was really fun!  Jos touched the egg only twice before learning it was best to hold on to the side of the carton.  They weren’t hot enough to hurt her but it gave her a little shock. Momma turned them over for her so she could color the bottoms. 😉 Wish we would have done more this way but since I hadn’t tried it before, we only experimented with two.  We will do this again and maybe just for some fun hard-boiled eggs that have nothing to do with Easter.  I love when munchkins stick their tongues out in concentration… So cute!

For the rest, we just used food coloring and vinegar. Easy peasy and the $1 store whisks were the perfect size for holding the eggs.  I got this tip from my friend last year at her Easter party…




Addi kept trying to eat the whisk with the egg in it.  Nala too.

Jos did crack one of her eggs so she peeled it and shared with Nala.


Our finished eggs.  The crayon ones are the top two on the left and the green one on the  top right was one Jos made at preschool.

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  1. alison rice says:

    fun times.

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