Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 6


Joslyn – left & Addison – right at 6 months

I love how they are doing the same thing with their mouths. This is such a fun age, more interactive yet still not moving around and getting into everything. 😉 Savoring it with Miss Addi…  Addi had her 6 month appointment but no shots for her yet as she has an ear infection and a cold. Poor thing. I guess what she is lacking in being a “high maintenance” baby (so far) she is making up for in sickness.  She better have one strong immune system after all of this! Sheesh! Jos didn’t have her first cold until she had turned one and it was very minor so this is new territory for me.  So hard to see such a tiny one sick!  Speaking of tiny, Miss Addi weighs just 15 lbs, 2 less than Jos at this age, and she is a quarter inch shorter at 25 in.  Still perfectly chubby, healthy and adorable though!

It was a challenge to get a shot of Addi as she was constantly grabbing the blanket and putting it in her mouth.  🙂  It took two different days/short sessions to get one I was happy with for the side by side comparison.  She definitely has her own agenda, already.  I think she takes after her sister on this one.


Yep, about 90% of my shots look like this. 🙂  I love it because this is just who she is right now.



And now a few below of Joslyn at roughly the same age…


I can’t believe how blue those eyes were!  They seem to have turned more hazel now, still lovely and full of depth.



What a chunk!

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One Response to Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 6

  1. alison rice says:

    love these girls, one looks so sweet and innocent and the other looks a bit devilish. Look out mamma.

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