When You Have a Sick Babe…

you strap her in the ERGO so she can snooze upright while you catch up on some editing, photos of her sweet face, of course.


Our sweet Addi has a cold with a wheezy cough.  She is struggling a tiny bit, at times, with nursing since she is so stuffy and she is really starting to despise the good old bulb syringe and saline drops.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and they said she should start getting better and they said she was getting plenty of oxygen and her lungs sounded good, which eased our minds after hearing her terrible cough.  It’s especially bad at night.  Today, she had a few moments where she flashed us her winning smile and even wanted to play for a bit rather than just sleep or be carried by Momma.  Hoping we see even more of this smile in the next couple of days.  While I am enjoying the cuddles, I want my happy girl back!

Surprisingly, I have accomplished more around the house than normal.   Having Addi strapped in the ERGO, where she is happiest, has allowed me to actually get and somewhat keep the house clean.  However, tonight called for a simple cereal dinner.  Jos loved it!  She had cereal O’s with banana and milk and a slice of buttered toast, Justin had granola and milk and I had oatmeal (from a packet, mind you, which we never do, but boy was it good) and a piece of buttered toast too. Everyone was happy and finished at 5:05 pm. So, what to do now that dinner is finished SUPER early with little clean up? Make Butterscotch Cookies, of course.  I think I could get on board with a weekly cereal dinner plan! 😉

Below are a few of the photos I worked on while my babe was snuggled up against me snoozing away….


It’s all about them toes.



And meanwhile…


this girl is up to no good! 😉 Hehe! Really, she has been a champ through this sickness!

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