Valentine Shenanigans


There’s just something about the ease of making things heart-shaped and the cuteness of it all that makes Valentine’s Day a favorite for me when it comes to doing activities with little ones, especially my own.  We really enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Countdown this year and Jos was super excited each morning to come downstairs, open her tiny red mailbox, sometimes find a sweet treat waiting inside and read about the day’s activity.

Above are a few of the activities we did leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Starting at the top, left to right: 1. We made heart sun catchers using coffee filters, water, food coloring and a water dropper. 2. We had a special tea party with a dear friend. 3. & 4. We played a Very Hungry Caterpillar shape game that incorporated speech practice for Jos. 5. Our finished valentine cards read, “Valentine, you make my heart SPARKLE! and included a glitter glue (found a pack of 10 at the $1 store!). 6. Delivering a special treat (green smoothie) to Daddy at work. 7. Uppercase and Lowercase match up game. 8. Jos working on her valentine cards… She painted some with a brush and others with her paint dabbers and then put a few spots of glitter glue on when they dried. 9. We played a polar bear letter fishing game and again incorporated some speech practice. 10. We did some ice painting although this one did not hold Jos’s attention.  She is typically not too into painting but I still enjoy exposing her to different types/ways to do art. 11. Green Smoothie mustache! 12. Confetti Heart Art…a heart shaped piece of contact paper was stuck to card stock, glue was applied around the outside and then Jos “exploded” a bag of paper confetti (cut up scrap paper) onto it.  This was fun but Jos wasn’t quite strong enough to pop the bag so I cut a few holes in it.


And for our food fun this month, so far…

Starting at the top, left to right: 1. I have a great sandwich press so we made several of these sandwiches with ham and cheese, pb&j or cream cheese and jelly and used a small cookie cutter to make heart-shaped veggies and fruits. Believe me, our lunches are rarely so cute and I am lucky to just get food on the plate half the time, but as I said, Valentine’s Day inspires me. 😉 2. We had a fondue dinner with cheese fondue and heart-shaped pretzels (Wowza, were these good and easy! Click on the word pretzels for the recipe I used) and of course, chocolate fondue with dippers for dessert. 3. Heart shaped pineapple and watermelon skewers with pepperoni and cheese tortillas. 4. Strawberry Jam and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Roll-ups. 5. Sugar cookies… This year we made our traditional ones with jam and Nutella inside but we also did some with jolly rancher candies.  They certainly were pretty but not my favorite, as obviously, the candy would stick to teeth. Luckily, we only made 5 of these and will not be repeating this. 6. I used a box brownie mix and made brownies in my mini muffin pan and we then made dessert skewers one night. 7. Frozen Yogurt with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. 8. Our Valentine’s breakfast, a day late. Strawberry Confetti Pancakes with whipped cream and bacon.  9. Another heart shaped breakfast.

We had so much fun and I love that I will have this blog to remind me of things we may want to repeat for next year or skip. More pics below…


Jos swirling jam into the yogurt hearts before they went into the freezer. The best part though is Addi eating Daddy’s knee in the background. 😉


A Valentine Bath …   Lavender oil, pink water, artificial rose petals, small plastic hearts, foam lips and XOXO and pink glow sticks. Jos LOVED it!


So excited to take a green smoothie to Daddy. Notice her hair. It is rare that she wants anything in it but on this day she requested 3 pigtails!


I think they are both “teething” right now! 😉


Another impromptu afternoon tea party with just us, because we needed it.



Opening valentine cards at preschool.


Jolly Rancher sugar cookies, which we will not be repeating!








0-25 (2)bS




Hope you all had as much fun celebrating this month as we did!

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