Valentine’s Outtakes


We attempted to take a few Valentine photos today…  What a circus! 🙂

Oh, Miss Addi! Thank you for sharing with us your adorable tummy rolls as you work diligently on getting your shirt in your mouth and then your toes.


Not to be outdone…  Miss Joslyn demonstrates that she too can roll around on the floor grabbing her toes. Luckily, she was unable to get them into her mouth. Hehehe.


This one. Visible remote.  Joslyn’s “I’m sooo done with this” face.  Nala’s “Do I need to be here for this” face.  Me addressing a wardrobe malfunction.  Addison’s face, no words for this one!


This one illustrates the reason why 99% of the time you will not see me out with my hair down.


Oh dear. I fear this one may be a glimpse into where they get it. 😉

Fun times.

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