Valentine’s Countdown | Heart Art


So excited to do our Valentine’s Day Countdown!  I skipped it last year as we had just moved into a new home and I was newly pregnant, with the sickness and exhaustion that comes along with it.  This morning, Jos checked her mailbox and found her little heart box inside with the activity for today printed on a slip of paper.  Lucky for me, when I pulled the heart boxes out last night and found the slip of paper for day one inside, which had been left in it from 2 years ago, it was the exact activity I had planned for today even though our method was different. Score!  And Jos finally got to use her dropper, which she got in her stocking, for some art/science (color mixing).  Technically, she preferred using one color at a time but she watched Momma mix colors. 😉








Heart Sun catchers


Coffee filters, to cut out different size hearts

Liquid watercolors or food coloring and water (we used the latter)

Water Dropper

Muffin Tin or cups to put colored water in

Tub/Roasting Pan to place hearts in

Jos picked out 4 colors and once they were ready she sucked up the colored water with her dropper and then squirted it on the cut out hearts.  It was neat to watch the colors spread throughout the paper. Once finished, the hearts were put on paper towel lined cookie sheets to dry.  I also wiped up the colored water between hearts so that we could start fresh each time.  They were dry in no time and we taped them on the slider. Now for some sunshine…  I say as the snow is starting to fall outside!  Hooray for snow though. Hoping we get enough for some sledding.

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