Joslyn & the Owl | Then & Now


Thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jos and her owl stuffie.  Although I stopped posting these photos at 1 year, I still continue to take them every 6 months.  So fun and amazing to see her growth.


This was last January.  Wow, what a difference in just 1 year!  This has to be one of my favorite photos of her.


This was just yesterday.



We are so lucky to have this girl in our lives.  She makes us smile and laugh and is so very loving.  Proud to be her Momma.

Joslyn loves pretend play and could spend endless amounts of time playing Dusty (from Planes) or Rapunzel.  In fact, she often wants to be referred to as “Dusty Crophopper”.  I am “Dottie”, the mechanic, in the morning and “Dipper” in the evening.  Daddy is “Skipper” in the morning and “Blade Ranger” in the evening.  Sometimes, we have multiple aliases at once.  Addison is “Windlifter”.

She has recently been saying “super much” as in “I love you super much!”. It’s adorable.

She has started making up her own “rules”… For example, when she is in her room at bedtime but still awake, she says, “If I see somebody (walking past) then I have to give them a hug” and during the day if she is in her room, “If I see somebody then I have to go downstairs”.  I think she is a little too clever at coming up with ways to get out of her room. 😉

Jos loves her baby sister and loves to give Addison “tiny baby hugs and tiny baby kisses”.  She says that Addison is her best friend and talks about the things they will do, just her and Addison when Addison is bigger.

She still loves books and we have started reading chapter books to her at night. She loves them!!  Her favorite so far has been a book series about a dog named Buddy who is a detective.

She loves to hear stories and we constantly hear, “tell me a story about….”!  Yes, she dictates the subject of the story, or at least tries to.  We also enjoy telling stories together.  She will start with something and then we take turns adding on to the story as it goes along.  Last night, the story was a rescue mission to save Perrito, the dog from Dora, and once we saved Perrito at the top of White Top Mountain (her bedside table) then Daddy said that everyone parachuted down, using tissues as parachutes.  Well, we said good night and left.  A little while later, Justin informed me that Jos had continued this play.  She had “parachutes” or tissues on the floor with at least 15 toys.  Tissues everywhere! 🙂

Joslyn goes to preschool two days a week and while drop offs can still be a bit challenging, she does really enjoy her teacher and friends.  She talks about her teacher often and includes her name when we talk about people we love, etc…

She goes to speech once a week with a great therapist and although progress is slow, she seems to enjoy it.  She seems to have trouble coordinating her motor movements to produce sounds.  She knows what she wants to say and believe me, has plenty to say, but the sounds are tough for her.  We will continue working on that as I want others to know this intelligent, creative and funny girl as her Daddy and I do.  The biggest thing, even if people may not understand her, is to just listen.  Then ask her to repeat it or ask me or Justin if translation is needed, but please listen.  It is sad to me when people don’t really attend to her because perhaps they don’t know what she is saying and then she just moves on.  Notice her, please, and talk to her.  She has SO much to share.

Jos loves playing and often it is tough to get her outside.  Sometimes, I feel like we are raising a child with nature deficit disorder.  She just loves her indoor pretend play with her toys.  Once we get her outside though then she tends to want to stay out for awhile.  She still doesn’t love getting her hands wet/dirty except on rainy days when she likes to splash in the puddles and play in the mud.??  It has to be on her terms, as with most things. 😉

She loves music, especially the songs from Rapunzel and Dusty, and knows all the words.  It is fun to hear her sing the ‘Backdraft’ song from Dusty.  She says Daddy’s music is better than Mommy’s. Well….  I have some work to do.

Jos rides her ladybug ride on toy around half the day.  She spins in circles and goes flying through the kitchen at a rapid rate of speed.  It probably gets the most use out of any of her toys at the moment.

She loves her family sooo much.  Her Nanny gets quite the workout when she visits as Jos rarely lets her take a breath in between games.  She talks about her Mamaw and Papaw and visiting them in WV again quite often.

Joslyn has been such a super eater lately.  She drinks green smoothies with me, could eat an entire red pepper herself and loves carrots.  Her favorite fruits are apples and strawberries, can’t wait to get some fresh ones as the season gets closer.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t like her sweets because the girl would eat marshmallows for breakfast if I would let her and thinks there is dessert after every meal! She still likes to be the “taste tester” while we are cooking.

0-37 (2)S

Jos is taking a dance class and adores her teacher and the class.  She goes right in, without me, and really enjoys it.  There is an end of the year performance and I am hoping she wants to participate although she has already told me that she will be nervous but that if her dress is purple then she will do it.  Sheesh!  I am hopeful her teacher will sell her on it.

She knows how to spell her name and she can recognize family member’s names as well.  She knows her letters and numbers pretty well, as well as, her shapes.  Of course, her interest in these things is not great yet.  It has to be a really fun activity to peak her interest.

She tries to “work the system” frequently if she doesn’t get what she wants and boy oh boy, she knows how to let us know when she is unhappy. 😉

Jos loves to “roughhouse”, especially with Daddy.  She and her Daddy have become quite close.  She adores him and their special times together.  Like their Donut Saturdays…

She is such a little lover.  We love her “all the way to Mamaw & Papaw’s and back” as she would say.

We love you, Jos!

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One Response to Joslyn & the Owl | Then & Now

  1. alison rice says:

    wow, what a great update on Joslyn. thanks for sharing. Hugs to all.

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