Addison & The Puppy | Months 3 & 4


Months 3 & 4

Catching up….

This munchkin had her 4 month appt. this week. Already!?! She is weighing in at 13lbs. and she is 24in. long.  She is currently sitting at the 50th percentile all around.  She did well with her shots but later woke up just wailing….  I think her legs were quite sore but that didn’t last long, luckily.

*Addison is still rolling over from her tummy to her back,although not consistently.

*She enjoys grabbing for and playing with toys. Everything goes into her mouth although she has an orange ball that despite her efforts just won’t go in.  She gets quite frustrated that she can’t figure out how to get this round object to fit into her mouth.

*Addison is such a happy girl and gives away her smiles freely and is perfectly content (usually) to allow others to hold her.  If she can see Momma, then all the better. 🙂

*She found her toes on Christmas Day and enjoys grabbing them when she is on her back.

*She is fascinated by her hands and spends lots of time just exploring and looking at them.

*Addison loves sucking her thumb more than just about anything else.  This is how she puts herself to sleep, which still astonishes and pleases me.

*She giggles at funny sounds we make.  She especially likes it when Daddy says, “Blue 42, Red 15” as if calling out a football play.

*She also loves and watches her sister more and more.  Jos has been saying lately how Addi is her best friend FOREVER and how glad she is that we have a baby.  This makes my heart SO very happy.

*Perhaps TMI here (be warned) but recently she has been having infrequent bowel movements (like every 7 days she goes) and at first we were a tad concerned, but everything seems fine and this can be the trend for some breastfed babies.  Jos never did this but I must say that I could get used to this new schedule. 😉

*Addison loves it when I hold her over my head, bringing her close to my face and then nibbling/kissing her cheeks.

*She sleeps through the night! AMAZING!  Most of the time, that is.  And then, I can nurse her when she wakes at around 6:30ish or so and she will go back to sleep and let everyone sleep in. It’s truly incredible. I attribute it all to the thumb-sucking.  Thank goodness for small things.

*Addison enjoys standing and her legs seem quite strong already and she has great head control.  I am so curious to see the difference in about a month and a half.

*She is a trooper in the car, just like her sister was, and generally sleeps during long drives.

*Wow, does this girl have a voice! And we thought Jos was loud! Holy Moly Kind Kitties, can this girl scream! Mostly, its happy screams but she also does it to let us know a thing or two when she is not so happy, like when her hat goes down over her eyes and she can’t see.  Watch out! 😉  She really doesn’t like that, but who can blame her there.

*Lately, she has really been tuned in to us eating and watches the food or drinks very closely as they travel to our mouths.  Your time is coming, baby girl. Too soon.

We are so thankful to have such a happy baby girl.  She and her big sister fill our hearts with joy and laughter on a daily basis.


Month 3


Month 3 outtake


Month 4


Month 4 outtake

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2 Responses to Addison & The Puppy | Months 3 & 4

  1. alison rice says:

    joy joy joy, love it all.
    hugs to all,
    Auntie Ali

  2. Tricia says:

    Hi Amber! Good to see your family is doing well. Remi sends kisses to Nala!

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