Addison | 3 Months


Happy 3 months to this sweet girl today!  Time sure does fly…

What’s Happening Now:

*You are still such a smiley girl.

*Starting to giggle and squeal… Daddy got the best giggle out of you, so far.

*You are blowing tons of bubbles/raspberries and drooling like crazy (could you already be teething?).

*Rolling over from your tummy to your back… Yesterday was the first time and today while Momma was trying to take photos of you on your tummy, you rolled over twice.

*Making lots of “goo” and “ga” sounds

*You light up when your sister is around and you follow her as she moves about the house with your eyes.  You love watching her.

*You love sleeping next to Momma and I am your go to comfort person.

*You are content to fall asleep on your own, without nursing, which still surprises me as this was NEVER the case with your big sis! 😉

*You are grabbing your toys on your playmat, the arm of Momma’s computer chair, your crib rails, Momma’s hair, Momma’s clothes….you are really working those hand muscles, girl!

*You had your first bath in the BIG tub with Momma and you loved it!  Momma held your head just above water and you just floated (such a chunk) and Momma pushed you back and forth while you kicked your legs and “talked” to me.

*You had your first little cold and Momma needed to use the bulb syringe since you were stuffy. You did NOT like that!

*You are so happy and usually mellow.

We all love you to pieces!!



My brown-eyed girl!



I think you may be one of those people who can use your feet to pick up and use eating utensils.  You have some serious skills when it comes to squeezing those toes. 🙂


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