Addison & the Puppy | Month 2

month 2 collS

A little behind on this but here it is….

Gosh, this girl is growing so unbelievably fast!  She is such a happy little thing, most of the time.  She loves staring into my eyes and her eyes light up when I talk and smile at her.  She loves to “talk” to me and she seems to already get that you take turns in conversation as she will “ah-goo” or make gurgling sounds or squeals and then wait for my response.  When I respond, her eyebrows go up and I usually get smiles.  She has been blowing lots of bubbles lately and she enjoys it when I say “Oh, oh, oh” and make funny noises.  She is able to grasp a small toy now and also uses her grabbing skills to pull/hang on to my shirt when nursing…it is the cutest!  Her neck is getting stronger although she has not gained tummy time master status just yet.  Soon…  She makes the most adorable sucking sound when she is hungry and when she is sad she pushes her bottom lip out (gets me every time).  She also gives out lots of smiles to Daddy and Joslyn!  She definitely lights up when her big sis talks to her and doesn’t seem to mind that she can be a bit “rough” at times.  We all love her more and more each day!







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One Response to Addison & the Puppy | Month 2

  1. alison rice says:

    wonderful photos. love you all

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