Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 2


I love doing these side by side comparisons!  Here is Jos (left) at around 8 weeks and Addison (right) at 8 weeks. And of course, I chose this onesie for their two month side by side comparison. How could I not?! 😉

Thanks Liz!  I love that Addison gets to wear this now too.  Glad we held on to some of Jos’s baby clothes.

I thought Jos was a chunk, but holy moly, check out the cheeks on Addi!  I think Jos’s cheeks developed a little later.  Wait for her 5 and 6 month pics….  And Jos’s hair…  I could never get that stuff to lay down but Addison’s seems to lay down more readily.  Both these little faces light up my life!


Miss Addison

Lovin’ that double chin, baby!

Jos 2 monthsS

Miss Joslyn

As I was going through Joslyn’s baby pics, I came across this one and it made me smile.  When I go in to Joslyn’s room at night to kiss her goodnight before I go to sleep, I often find her just like this.  That same expression on her sweet face and her arms up. So relaxed!  Justin says he finds her on her belly with her lower legs sticking up in the air…her Momma apparently sleeps like this sometimes. 😉


One more of Miss Jos…

This was last year during a Music Tree class.  I simply can not believe how much she has changed in a year!

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