They Had Me at Procrastinator


I love doing seasonal activities and have actually managed to pull off a few with my 3 year old this year.  Most of those activities are last minute and spontaneous though.  While I do enjoy planning these things, it’s the teacher in me, the season of life that I am currently in leaves me challenged to find/make the time to actually plan this stuff out in advance.  Occasionally, I do, but mostly I get my ideas the night before or the day of which means means they need to be quick and simple to pull off!  So, when I saw this blog post from Peanut Blossom featured on The Artful Parent site with the title of, Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Fall, then I just had to check it out! So glad I did!!

We borrowed their idea for a spooky story time bath last night and Jos loved it!! So much so, she was quite sad and reluctant to get out of the tub and the water was COLD at that point. Although our stories weren’t really spooky, they were Halloween related, and I used my “spooky” voice.  It was so fun and I know we will be doing this again before Halloween!



Addison also had her friend, Fraser, over yesterday while Jos was at preschool.  Granted, she slept pretty much the entire time but I still think they bonded.;)

Addison says, “My friend is sad, therefore, I am sad.” Hehe! Love both of these sweet little faces!


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