Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 1


You always get a lot of opinions about who your kids look like or don’t look like, especially right after they are born.  I get it…I do it too and I think it’s fun to hear what others think/see.  Of course, I will admit that with my first this drove me a little bit nuts. 😉  Partially this was due to the fact that everyone said she looked just like her Dad…don’t get me wrong, that is a GOOD thing and she does look ALOT like her Dad.  He is a handsome guy, after all! She is 3 years old now and she still looks a lot like her Dad!  I think as a first time, new Mom this made me a bit crazy because I was feeling like I wanted to see some of me in her too, which I do, a little.  Gees, after all people, I carried this babe inside me for 9+ months!  Not to mention, the countless hours caring for this little peanut.  Was it too much to ask to want her to look a little like me?! 😉  Of course, I got over this.  This time around, it doesn’t bother me at all and I have embraced the entire thing.  I like it that people share their thoughts about who our munchkins look like.  It’s fun to hear their thoughts!  A lot of people have been asking if I think Jos and Addi look alike.  I definitely see a resemblance but I think they also have their own unique looks.  With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to do monthly comparisons with pics of Jos when she was a baby and pics of Addison now.  Joslyn is on the left and Addison is on the right.  So, what do you think?  Do they look alike?

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