Tiny Dancer


Our Tiny Dancer at her very fist dance class (Music & Movement) yesterday.

Jos was so excited for her first dance class yesterday.  She has been waiting for this for a few weeks now.  At first, she seemed a bit reluctant to go in as class was starting so I wondered how it would go.  I walked in with her and as soon as she chose her colored spot on the floor to sit on she seemed to forget all about her jitters and that Momma wasn’t with her.  She focused on her wonderful teacher and participated for an entire 45 minutes.  At the end, the parents/caregivers come in and rock with the kiddos and say goodbye.  Jos really enjoyed the class and said her favorite part was being a “flower” or dancing/moving in her own (self) space as opposed to a “butterfly” who dances/moves around in the general space.  Not surprising with my girl, at all!

So fun to see my girl growing up, becoming more independent and enjoying new things!  Bittersweet too, but mostly amazing!


Auntie Ali also came for a visit and spent the night.  It was so fun that she got to go to Jos’s first dance class with us!

Check out Baby Girl too…  Miss Addison is growing so much already!  At her appointment last Friday, this munchkin was already up to almost 7 lbs.! Sheesh!  It happens so fast!

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One Response to Tiny Dancer

  1. alison rice says:

    what a fun time. the girls look really cute in the photo, too bad I look afraid of something. oh I know, I’m afraid I’ll be called Grandma again. lol

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