Soon To Be Big Sister


This little girl seems so ready to be a big sister!  Last week she ran downstairs, sooo excited, asking…”Did the baby come yet?”.  “Awwww” was her response when I told her not yet.  I know that this change that is about to happen will definitely be a shift in her world but I do believe that she will love being a big sister and is going to take to her new role quite well, give or take a few adjustment periods. 😉  Before this transition happens, I wanted to take some time to record a few things about our big girl…

*Jos is such a cuddle bug and so very full of love.  She constantly wants a hug, then a kiss, then a high-five.  She must go through every. single. one of these before Daddy leaves for work or Momma goes somewhere.  She also frequently says, “I wuv oo!”.  Followed up by “all the way to the _______”.  Fill in the blank with whatever item is somewhat close to her….the table, the couch, to Mommy, to that tree, etc….  It’s precious and it puts a great big smile on my face.

*Jos is becoming quite independent and just recently started using the potty all by herself!  Well, she still needs a little help but she hasn’t had an accident in days!   HUGE step people!  I hope this is not an area where we see some regression once the baby arrives. 😉  She gleefully announced “Ta Da” with outstretched hands toward her potty the other day when she had her first successful #2 in the potty.  Ahhh, life with toddlers…gotta love it!

*Our girl knows how to “work it”….”Mommy, my tummy hurts. A movie will help it feel better.”  Sheesh, they become masters of manipulation so early! 😉

*Jos loves to help me in the kitchen and stir up all the food.  I always sing Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” to her while she is helping, replacing the Little Darlin’ part with her name.  She really enjoys this and she also likes it when I call her my sous chef.

*She recently started wanting us to call her different names like…Rapunzel, Elsa, Tiny Dancer, etc…  If we slip and call her Joslyn she immediately says, “No, I am not Joslyn!”.  She also likes to give us other names too.

*Jos thinks it would be great to name the new baby Daddy, if it’s a boy, and Mommy or Joslyn, if it’s a girl.  She can’t understand why this might be confusing. Haha!

*She has started becoming very cuddly and loving with some of my friends which is a big deal for this once reserved girl.  It makes my heart so happy to see them loving on her too and just knowing what a wonderful group of people I have around me and that they love my girl so much too.

*Jos loves her little friends too and often talks about them or uses their names during pretend play.  One of her favorite games to play is “Going to Maryann’s House”.  Maryann is a wonderful and amazing lady who provided childcare for Jos for a bit and still does for Jos’s friends.  We definitely miss her.

*Jos likes to make up her own songs.  Her favorite is, “I’m going to my Nanny’s, my Nanny’s, my Nanny’s, yes I am!”.  She also uses familiar tunes and replaces the words with her own…she does this a lot with the Dora theme song.

*She recently started being ok with getting “dirty”.  Before, she did not like getting dirt on her at all but she has turned the corner and now loves splashing in puddles and walking through the mud barefoot!  This makes me happy.

*She participated in swim lessons this summer.  Although quite hesitant, she had days that went really well.  She loves the water but was not a fan of her teacher’s “encouragement” to put her face/head in the water.  I think we may try for some private lessons this fall. I feel she will do much better one on one and going more at her own pace.

There are many more things I would like to record and will likely remember them as soon as I am done here but my girl needs me right now so I am off to be with her.  Looking forward to this new chapter in a week, a few days, ?? that life with a new baby will bring but I am so happy we have had 3 amazing years with just this girl!  Getting to know her, watching her grow and change and loving her more with each passing day has been a true gift.



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One Response to Soon To Be Big Sister

  1. Pauline Pishner says:

    Beautifully written Amber. You are such a good parent, as I am sure Justin is also. Love to all. I do have Skype so when I learn to use it maybe I will be able to see the new baby and rest of the family too.

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