Soup & Mud Pie



Two days of rain and cooler weather = 1 HAPPY pregnant lady & Toddler

I am lovin’ this break from the sun and heat although I will be happy to get that back too.  Jos and I have had lots of fun in the rain, including running around and getting soaked today at the park with friends and then making mud pies at home.  Technically, I didn’t make the mud pies but I was a very happy observer. 😉

With this rain, I have been really wanting soup so broccoli, potato & cheese soup is on the menu tonight with some fresh, homemade bread (1 loaf for now and 1 for the freezer when baby arrives). Definitely starting to think about prepping some meals for about a month from now when life becomes quite busy and exhausting!  Thinking ahead a bit but also soaking in these wonderful moments with my precious “baby big girl” as she called herself the other day.

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One Response to Soup & Mud Pie

  1. Pauline Pishner says:

    Yes she is precious, and I see she is wearing the sundress. Love to all.

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