Ultrasound Day | Halfway There


Today was our ultrasound for Baby #2 and Big Sister, Jos, got to tag along.  Of course, Dora, just had to come too.




Notice Joslyn’s hand in the bottom right corner and Dora was “sleeping” beside me the whole time. 😉 Jos was using a tissue as a blankie for Dora and my arm as a pillow.  She smiled a couple of times at the baby but was more interested in playing with her doll.  She also enjoyed sitting on the bed with Momma at the end and getting a ride down when they lowered the bed.  Jos did say she thought the baby was a girl but we still don’t know….we turned our heads for that part.  Baby #2 was moving around and upside down this morning and measuring 19 weeks 2 days which would move our due date up to August 26th…we’ll see!  Can’t wait to meet the little munchkin!

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One Response to Ultrasound Day | Halfway There

  1. Auntie Ali says:

    Sarah says baby #2 is a girl too

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