Let the Holiday Season Begin…


How is it December already?  It is certainly here and even though we are still living out of boxes (hopefully in our new place very soon), we did manage to pull out just a few Christmas items to make it feel more official.  Not to mention, we have seen Santa 3 times already AND our little Miss Jos has gone right up to him each time without hesitation!  Have I mentioned she also made her mind up just before Thanksgiving that she wants “one owl please” for Christmas? And yes, she told Santa that. Of course, Santa told her he would get her an owl so…


She was SO proud of herself!



Over Thanksgiving, we took a ride on the Santa Train with Ken & Mary Lou, Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi.  It was a nice time and the best part was Jos saying to me “Baby’s first ride on a train ever.”…she was very excited and had such a fun time!  I’m really enjoying hearing and understanding all of the thoughts in her head these days and am constantly amazed that such a little person thinks about the things she does.



Before the train ride we had a snack at a local bakery and Jos got a big…


cookie!  Just one of far too many that day! 😉





Waiting in the looooong line to see Santa.




We had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  Thanks so much to the Egger family for hosting all of us! I contributed this to our 2nd turkey dinner the next day.  It looked pretty but I think I prefer a good ole’ jello pretzel salad.


A little photo shoot with Nanny before leaving for our train ride.



In addition to our countdown calendar, we have a new visitor in our house this month.  Introducing Hart (a name from the book I read before asking Jos a name which put the idea in her head…rookie, but it’s cute)… Hart has been really fun for Joslyn.  She loves waking up and finding out what Hart has been up to during the night.  I haven’t gotten too elaborate with this although I may occasionally if I feel up to it.  So far, she wrote HoHoHo on the paper towel roll, decorated a tiny Christmas tree, made some bacon and eggs in Joslyn’s play kitchen, Took a “cotton ball bath”, had a snowball (cotton balls again) fight with some bath squirties, and rode Joslyn’s ladybug leaving a snowy trail along the way.  We are definitely not using the “no touch” rule that apparently comes with the elf.  I told Jos that I emailed Santa and he told us that once we had named our elf and she was a part of our family that we could touch her. 🙂


She also occasionally leaves a note and mentions something nice she has seen Joslyn do.


Our countdown calendar is back and we have been enjoying lots of fun activities.  A couple of nights ago Jos had a “Christmas Bath” with some colored ice cubes.



We also made Christmas ornaments one day.  I really enjoy doing this with my girl and I am so glad we found our countdown calendar in storage to motivate me to get this going.  It’s such a fun thing to share with Jos.


It’s still amazing to me how one second I can be feeling overwhelmed with parenthood and the next all I have to do is look at this face and my heart feels like it will explode.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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3 Responses to Let the Holiday Season Begin…

  1. pauline pishner says:

    She is so cute and smart. Merry Christmas and Love.

    On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 3:55 AM, Yeager Family

  2. Khyra's Mom says:

    She is SO the best of both of you –

    Then again, maybe there is some Nala there too – so I should say all THREE of you 😉

    We hope she enjoyed the magic of christmas!

  3. alison rice says:

    somehow I missed this one until now, Dec. 30th. Very sweet, great pics as always. My niece is just so cute.

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