These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


These are a few of my favorite things about Jos these days…

*Her “evil laugh”.  She has this VERY mischievous laugh that we refer to as her “evil laugh”.  It comes out when she is doing something she’s not supposed to do and gets busted!  Of course, it’s so stinkin’ cute that I have asked her to “do the laugh” again and again so she can now do it on cue!

*How she climbs on everything….ok, this one is a love/hate thing.  Love it because she’s such a little monkey (like I was as a kid) but hate it because I worry she’s going to fall and injure herself.

*Her excitement for Daddy coming home.  As soon as she hears the door, she jumps up and runs to greet Daddy saying “Daddy’s home, Mommy!”.

*Every night when we say good night, we give hugs and kisses and then I say “I love you SO much” to which she replies, “I do love you so much Mommy!”.  It melts my heart.

*Her comfort pinching.  Jos likes to pinch my arms when we snuggle up during the day but mostly it’s at bedtime.  As long as her nails are short, it’s fine and I only occasionally have to remind her to be gentle.  This morning when I dropped her off at daycare she got a hug and a kiss bye-bye and then says, “And a pinch” as she stuck her hand up my sleeve and gently pinched my arm! Such a silly goose!

*How she plays “abra-cadabra” and changes us into different things.

*How she really enjoys daycare now!  She talks about it, plays pretend games that she is going there, and always tells me that she is going to be happy there as we are driving in the morning.  It’s so fun to see her connection with these other people in her life.  She adores her daycare provider and her little friends there!

*Her memory!  You tell this kid something once and it sticks!

*Her compassion.  If I get a “boo-boo” she always gives me kisses saying “mwwwah” as she does it.

*How she wakes me in the morning with singing, stroking my face, and then finally saying “It’s time to get up Mommy”. 🙂

Plenty more but those are the ones that comes to mind tonight…

Below are some more pictures from the past week.


A trip to the Historical Museum.  She did sooo good considering most everything is just for looking and not touching.  Luckily, they did have a touch table with some neat rocks and petrified wood!













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