Little Shopper + a Proud Momma Moment


This morning we did a little grocery shopping.  It was the first time I’ve attempted to take Joslyn’s shopping cart with us (thanks Auntie Ali & Uncle Ed).  We went early to avoid lots of people and let me tell you…this girl felt pretty special!  Of course, she got lots of “Oooh, so cute” and “we need those here” comments.  It took a bit of encouragement to keep her going as she wanted to stop and put more than we needed in the cart.  She managed to get away with some Pirate’s Booty and Goldfish even though they weren’t on the list! 😉


A trip to the grocery store wouldn’t be complete without a detour down the toy aisle.


And yes, she even scanned the Pirate’s Booty herself with the help of the very nice checkout lady. So fun!  Looking forward to more of these shopping trips.

And now onto my VERY proud Momma moment today…

Jos and I started our first Music Tree class and…IT.WAS.AWESOME.  I can’t say enough about the amazing teacher, Barb Riley.  I was so impressed by her style and approach to the kiddos.  Most of you that read this blog know that Jos has always been very cautious in new situations, often crying when she feels uncomfortable, which has made attempting new things, playdates, etc… a bit interesting. 😉  I’m so glad we signed up for this class though, thanks Heather for telling us about it, as Jos really enjoyed herself today!  I felt like we had a pretty good chance as my girl loves music and dancing but I still didn’t know what to expect.

Jos sat on my lap for a lot of the time, which was fine, but she was so engaged in everything that was happening.  She then, to my amazement, started following along and participating!  She kept saying “Jos” when she wanted a turn like the other kiddos but she wasn’t quite comfortable enough to go up until the end.  When Miss Barb brought out the Old McDonald felt board and started letting the kiddos pull out animals from a bag Jos went on up.  She was right there sitting around Miss Barb with the other kiddos!!!  That is HUGE people, HUGE!  At one point she looked back at me with a BIG grin on her face as if to say, Look Momma, I’m doing it!”  I can’t tell you how happy this made me.  I was holding back tears watching my girl up there.  And then at the end, she gave Miss Barb a hug!  Yes, a hug on her first day of class!  Did I mention this lady is awesome?!  I was definitely a proud Momma today.  I can’t wait for our next class!  Lovin’ this new phase we are entering and all the wonderful little ways in which my girl amazes me with each new day.

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One Response to Little Shopper + a Proud Momma Moment

  1. I hope she’s khlipping those khoupons!

    That just can’t be Little Baby J ;-(

    Thanks for sharing this fun day!

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