Nala News!

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

Feeling thankful. Happy. Relieved.

Nala’s tumor was successfully removed and they got it all out so they consider her “cured”!  However, the type of tumor it is means that it is likely to crop up again which means we will need to be highly vigilant in checking her for lumps/odd growths so that we can have them looked at and immediately removed if they are found to be cancerous.  So, it could have been better but it also could have been worse.  I was so worried about this and had an awful feeling going to the vet today but I am so relieved that they got it all!

I have a feeling our four-legged girl is going to get sick of us “feeling her up” to make sure everything is A-OK.  And I’m just fine with that as long as it keeps her healthy.

Thanks to all of you who were thinking of us over the past week.  Your thoughts and messages meant ALOT!  Love to all of you.

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2 Responses to Nala News!

  1. Sandy Simmons says:

    Nala, we are so happy to hear the great news.

  2. Khyra says:

    So very very happy!!!

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