The Joys of Camping (with a toddler)

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

Last night was Miss J’s first official camping trip!  We headed to the campsite in the late afternoon, chose a spot, set up the tent, and then spent our evening playing in the river until it was dinner time.  It was lovely and we couldn’t believe our luck….nice weather, NO bugs, and a toddler who was having a blast!  The NO BURN ban was still in effect but we didn’t let that stop us from roasting a hot dog…

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

No fire, no problem….enter the JETBOIL!  This baby gets hot in no time and boils water in about one minute!





© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

The water was perfectly cool and we found a nice little pool to sit in and play.  This girl could have stayed here for hours but her tummy had other things in mind so we had dinner, played hide and seek, took a walk, and looked at the moon before bedtime.  Everything was going swimmingly and it felt almost too good to be true.

Then comes bedtime… This precious girl of ours has ALWAYS been one who fights sleep tooth and nail although lately she has been doing better.  She’s the wiggliest kid I’ve ever met but at least at home she doesn’t scream and cry.  I’ve noticed the last few trips we’ve gone on that she’s a “bear” the first few nights we are there.  Normal for kids to have a hard time getting to sleep in a new place but Miss J can truly put on a show! 😉  She was screaming and crying and refused to let anyone touch her or try to soothe her, a mind of her own this one has!  Eventually she started calming down but this went on for some time.  Our girl has some endurance!  Then her cries started turning into more of a theatrical performance and they slowly died down and she was out.  I’m sure the other campers just loved us!  But hey, we had to listen to their generators so all is fair, right!?

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

The next morning she woke up singing and repeating over and over, “Hello Momma” in her tiny, sweet little voice and all was right with the world again!  We enjoyed some oatmeal and coffee by the river and then went for another walk to visit some cows that were nearby.

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

Miss Nala was with us too, of course!

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

Found a tire swing.  Don’t worry, I tested it out first.

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

So did Daddy.


And then it was this silly girl’s turn.

Looking forward to more camping next year…  I thoroughly enjoyed this outing with my family.  Playing in the river. Throwing Rocks. Making “leaf boats” and watching them float downstream. Hide and seek at dusk.  Hot dogs. Tire swings. Star/Moon gazing. Nature walks. Being Together.  The joy and simplicity of it all.  It’s what life is all about.  It takes me back to my childhood in so many ways.  I love that our girl gets to experience these simple yet precious moments and that we get to experience them with her.

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2013

On another note, our Nala has to have surgery on Tuesday to remove a suspicious looking growth.  I’m trying not to let my mind focus on the “what ifs” but it’s hard.  Please keep our Nala in your thoughts this week. Thanks.


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2 Responses to The Joys of Camping (with a toddler)

  1. Jc says:

    Every picture told a story. Without the words I could recreate your story. Well done! It would be fun to have a contest that removed the words from your story and see how close or bizarre it could be retold just by looking at your pictures.

  2. alison rice says:

    Sorry to hear about Nala, best of luck tomorrow.
    Looks and sounds like camping was too much fun. maybe that will be our big family trip next time.
    thanks for sharing, love to see the ferry hat.
    Auntie Ali

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