Donut Date


I love impromptu dates with my girl…the kind where when you wake up in the morning and there’s no fresh pot of coffee waiting for you (I’m spoiled…my hubby makes it most every morning) so you decide to head to the donut shop for a sweet treat and then to the coffee shop.  Some of you may be wondering why not just get coffee at the donut shop…well, if I’m going to treat myself to a coffee then it needs to be a Claussen if at all possible! 🙂

So, Jos loaded up Boots in the stroller, put her purse on her shoulder, and away we went…


It was a strawberry-cream cheese pastry for me and…


a blueberry-filled donut for my girl! You better believe she devoured the entire thing!


To make it even better, my friend Julie met us there!  Love that I can call her, before 8am mind you, and she’s totally up for meeting us for a donut and then taking the dogs (Nala and Ozzie) for a walk!  Nothin’ like last-minute outings…they are quite often the best!

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