My Girl These Days…


Oh this girl, who is about to turn 2, who brightens my days, who makes me laugh, who I love so deeply and purely is without a doubt the light of my life!  There have been a few things lately that I have been wanting to record so I’m going to do that here.  A few things I am loving about my girl right now…

*Every time we are in the car and she sees a traffic light she proclaims “red means stop!”

*When she needs help she says, “Momma need baby help.”

*Her silliness…one example is she will randomly lick my cheek to get a reaction.  It’s cute now…let’s hope she grows out of this one. 😉

*When it’s nap or bedtime she likes to be covered up and then she asks for a back rub only to turn over a minute later for a belly rub and back to her back and then belly, again and again.

*She loves singing Mary Had a Little Lamb and even sings part of it herself now.

*The way she loves to cover her dolls with piles of clothes, ever so neatly.  This one is frustrating and cute all at the same time as she pulls these clothes from her dresser and closet.  She goes about covering her dolls/animals as sweetly as she can making them nice and comfy for their nap.

*The way she surprises me by saying something new or something I didn’t think she necessarily knew.  At the Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago, she pointed to a table and said “rhubarb” and sure enough there was some gorgeous rhubarb.  Granted, we have it here and have made a few rhubarb-strawberry crisps but Jos has never said rhubarb before so it was a surprise to me.  Way to make that connection Baby Girl!

*Her curious nature.  Anytime we see an insect she wants to touch, touch, touch.  She’s getting better at just looking with her eyes and observing though. 🙂

*The way she recently learned to climb up the spiral things at the playgrounds.  (I saw another two year old doing this so I was like, “Ok Jos, you’ve got this!” and she did! 😉

*When she does something she’s proud of she says, “Baby did it!”.

*How she likes to read books under “tents”.

*Her love of being outside going for walks, playing, etc…

*How she loves to go “grocery shopping” in Momma’s pantry with her shopping cart.  I think it’s time to take the shopping cart to the real grocery store soon and let her go for it.

*How she loves her family and friends and frequently talks about them.

*Her sweet curls.

*How her relationship with Nala is growing.

*How she has recently started picking flowers on our walks and giving them to me.

Just a few of the things about my girl that make me smile these days. 🙂

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One Response to My Girl These Days…

  1. Hi you guys! It’s been a while since we visited – little Jos is growing up so much! She’s so adorable. And Nala is as cute as ever too.
    Love Clover & mom, Jess

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