“Baby Pet Nana!”


I walked in on Jos petting Nala yesterday just before bedtime.  She was sitting up on the bed, at Nala’s back, gently stroking her.  You probably think this is pretty normal around here but I assure you it is NOT.  Jos and Nala definitely have a love/hate relationship, mostly over the fact that a certain four-legger is a thieving little snake when it comes to food.   This highly upsets the two-legger and her Momma.  Yes, I am sure it is her Momma’s being upset over this that also contributes to hers.  I’m working on it…

I’ve been trying harder lately to love on Nala in Jos’s presence and get Jos more involved in helping out with Nala.  I think this effort is helping my relationship with Nala, as well as, Joslyn’s, or so I hope.  I never thought my relationship with my four-legged girl would suffer once a baby entered into the equation.  I thought I was SO above that.  Well, I’m not.  It’s a challenge having two strong-willed girls in the house to care for and when one is a brand new baby, well, they kind of take precedence.  And yes, I get quite frustrated and flustered at times with the four-legger as she tends to “get up in our biz” the minute things aren’t going smoothly or the minute the two-legger steps away from any type of edible item.  As far as the first one, I know she is just curious and checking on things, and for the second one, she is just so food motivated and she seems to lose any ability to hear what anyone is saying when there is food around.  It’s a battle I fear we will never win at this point.  My fear was that my frustrations with Nala were influencing Joslyn’s relationship with her which I didn’t want so like I said, I’m trying…  Not only for Jos but also for me and Nala!  I love my Nala girl so much and I miss the times she and I used to share together, just us.  She will always be a special part of our family and even though things have changed, life is busier, and I don’t have as much time with just her, things are different in a good way.

When I walked in on Jos petting Nala, Jos repeated several times, “Baby pet Nana!”.  (I’m sure you’ve figured out that “Nana” is Joslyn’s pronunciation of Nala and she likes to refer to herself as baby most of the time) She seemed so proud of herself.  This just warmed my heart and made me think that perhaps, in some small form, my efforts are working!  This morning on our walk with Nala I let Jos hold the leash all by herself.  Another proud moment for my girl as she kept saying, “Baby walk Nana!”.  Nala did very well too and stayed right with us, most of the time.

I’m sure that part of it is also the fact that Jos is getting older and able to do more now, which is great!  It certainly makes it easier to foster a more positive relationship between my two girls now that Jos can be involved a bit more.  Nala is one of the sweetest dogs around and I want Jos to see and know that, as I do.

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2 Responses to “Baby Pet Nana!”

  1. Tricia says:

    Great photo! The food focus must be a family trait. Remi says hi!

  2. pauline pishner says:


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