To The Coffee Shop We Go…


We had quite a full day today!  We started off with a rainy morning walk with Nala, this afternoon we went for a bike ride to the coffee shop and park, and we finished this evening off with a quick stop at the Japanese Festival at the local college.

Jos didn’t have a nap today so on our short ride to the coffee shop she “passed out”.  I looked back and all I could see was her ladybug helmet as she was slumped forward and out cold. 🙂  It was quite a sight!


She enjoyed her Iced Vanilla Milk and I enjoyed my Claussen!


Then look who showed up!  I turned around and there was Justin coming to get his afternoon coffee. 🙂  Someone was VERY happy to see her Daddy!


After the coffee shop, we headed to the park for lots of swinging,




and just plain silliness!


This evening we went to the Japanese Fest in town.  Justin caught a “fish” aka water balloon, and Jos kept carrying it around saying excitedly, “Baby got balloon!”.  We had some chocolate covered fruit and then I used my mad dart shooting skills (HA!) to knock over a box and win a prize!


I chose a traditional Japanese cat for my prize or should I say, Joslyn’s prize! 😉 She covered it up and repeatedly said, “Night-night Kitty!”.   What a busy but FUN day!

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