BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! {A “Quiet Room Time” Story}


Soooo, this girl has been an absolute “bear” to get to sleep at night!  Unfortunately, that makes for looooong nights for her Daddy as he has become the primary bedtime go-to guy.

After attempting to dismiss the idea of cutting out naps (Seriously, she’s only 23 months old…how can she not need a nap?  Or rather, how can Momma not need nap time? ), we talked to a couple of friends who told us they cut out naps for their kiddos early on too and it worked much better for them.  So, we thought we would give it a try.  Obviously, Jos still needs downtime, as does her Momma, so we implemented some “Quiet Room Time”.  I set an alarm clock in her room for 45 minutes (we started out with a shorter time) and then put the baby gate up although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she learns to climb that!  I read a book or two with her and then tell her she can nap, read books, or play quietly while I go do some “Momma jobs”, and that when the timer goes “beep beep” Quiet Room Time is all done.

The first few times she fussed and fussed.  One time it got so quiet so I went to check on her and she had fallen asleep face down on the floor! 🙂  I let her sleep for a short time and then woke her up.  It’s not a perfect system yet but she does seem to fall asleep a bit more easily at night.  She still gets tired in the early evening though and will sometimes take a short nap in the car if we are out and about or in the swing at the park.

So, what does she do during Quiet Room Time?  The above photo helps you visualize this.  She pulls out all the clothes, diapers, toys, and books she can get her hands on and scatters them in various piles around her room!  Seriously, spending 30 minutes to get her to nap may be worth more than spending 30 minutes cleaning up her room afterwards! 😉 She then gets highly upset when I start to clean it up as if I’m disrupting her Grand Masterpiece.

The BEST thing though (finally onto the Beep Beep part of the story) is that yesterday at about 15 minutes before her alarm was set to go off she came to the baby gate and started going “Beep, Beep, Beep!  All done!” and I think she truly thought her tactic would work on me. She did this several times, as I was stifling my laughter in the other room, before she gave up.  When the alarm did go off she was VERY excited and ran to the baby gate beeping the whole way.  Ahhh, what a silly willy girl…LOVE her so much!

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One Response to BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! {A “Quiet Room Time” Story}

  1. Star says:

    Oh goodness BOTH of my girls still nap….everyday like clockwork….usually for a hour or sometimes two! Naps are good and it helps them recharge!!!! Also, her room looks like Cora’s after her and her sister are ‘playing’……LOL!

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