Flashback Friday


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Flashback Friday and since I’ve been looking through old photos in preparation for a 2nd birthday slideshow then I thought I’d share some.  These are all of Miss J at around this time last year.  This first one cracks me up…this is classic Joslyn when she’s unhappy or in a situation where she isn’t fully comfortable.  Apparently, she wasn’t into shopping at Target on this particular day.  Thankfully now, she enjoys shopping a whole lot more!  I don’t exactly remember what caused her to be upset here…most likely though, a stranger said hello to her. 🙂


Playing with flowers in Nanny & Grampi’s backyard.


Playing with her dearly cherished Nanny!


Mixing bowls are great toys!


She had just started walking so she was still working on her balance.


Rocks and grass are a girl’s best friend! 😉

And now for a few recent photos below…


Lunch and a music/dance party with her friend the other day.


Facetime with Nanny & Grampi!


Reading books, her favorite pastime.  She is constantly saying “read book, read book!”


Enjoying a vanilla steamer…YUM!


Hide & Seek at the park with Momma!

Fun looking back and seeing the growth!

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