Teacher/Child vs. Parent/Child Relationship


As a teacher myself, I understand that children generally behave one way with their teachers and another with their parents.  Admittedly though, seeing this in effect with my very own kiddo still baffles/amazes me!!!

My darling girl is getting quite comfortable with the daycare she goes to once, sometimes twice, a week for a couple of hours.  This is GREAT and I’m so thrilled she is comfortable, well taken care of, and loved by Miss Heidi and her friends there.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to get photos texted to me of her playing with the other kiddos and to hear the positive reports when I pick her up.  She is still sad and most often cries (not today) when I leave her which is hard but let’s be honest, a part of me enjoys that she still needs her Momma too. 😉  When I go to pick her up, she seems happy to see me but often I think she would like to stay a bit longer.  Again, all good stuff, but I’m still struck by the irony of it all.  Parents are the “bad guys” for leaving and then they become the “bad guys” for picking up.  I often hear about things she does with total cooperation for Miss Heidi yet whenever her Momma mentions the same things at home, a torrent of protests ensue! 🙂  For example, she apparently let Miss Heidi put sunscreen on her today without batting an eyelash but when Momma wants to do that all he** breaks loose!!

As I said, I understand this on an intellectual level and know this is just the way it goes with kiddos but it still astounds me seeing it firsthand, as a parent!  I definitely have a new appreciation for what it feels like being on the parent’s side of things now!  That being said, all these stories assure me that my girl is in a great place right now, she’s enjoying herself and having fun, and she feels safe and comfortable in her surroundings, and that is the BEST!

So proud of my Big “Baby” Girl!

{The photo above is from last week at daycare.  She was enjoying some lunch and didn’t even know Momma was already there and snapping photos. }

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