Joslyn’s First Flowers {From A Boy!}


Joslyn’s friend, Z, stopped by with his super sweet Momma yesterday and put some flowers on our door for May Day!  Jos was napping and I thought I heard a knock although it was very quiet so I went down to investigate and found our friends leaving these flowers on the doorknob. 🙂  I left them for Jos and when she woke up I told her she had a surprise from Z on the front door.  As soon as we walked downstairs she pointed to the door and said “pise” for surprise making sure I didn’t forget as she clearly had not.  I opened the door and she was delighted to find her flowers.  She smelled them and then gave me a still sleepy grin.

Thank you friends for the sweet thought!

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3 Responses to Joslyn’s First Flowers {From A Boy!}

  1. mary lou says:

    what a treat. Leaves me with old time memories

  2. Khyra's Mom says:


    She’ll be quite the challenge when she’s older 😉

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