Sunshine & Popsicles


Oh, this girl!  Apparently the sunshine makes her silly!  We were out for a walk and she decided she wanted to walk on the trail with her belly sticking out!


She also enjoyed splashing in the cold, cold water.


These next two were taken the day before the photos above.  These two make me smile.  We were out for a walk and the Mommas were not prepared for the munchkins splashing in the water like they did.  Jos led the way and I finally gave up and decided her shoes would dry and that we had an extra diaper in the car.  Z started out slow but once that boy got wet there was no stopping him! He kept trying to go out further and further and was giggling up a storm.  They both were soaked but the fun they had was well worth it!  As for the next day…you notice I got with the program and had Jos wear her water shoes. 😉


Love this little guy!  And so does Jos!


And onto the popsicle part…someone’s Daddy is keeping the freezer stocked with popsicles lately and there are no complaints from us!  Jos and Justin eat the red ones and let me have all the tangerine ones…win, win!  Although Little Miss always asks for a couple bites of mine too. 😉

Looking forward to warm weather this weekend and hopefully no wind!  I have a feeling more popsicles and splashing are in our near future!

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