Life After Hawaii…


I know, I haven’t even posted Hawaii pics yet…still working on them folks! 😉  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little of what’s been happening here…

We had a few friends over last night to celebrate a birthday that happened at the beginning of April.  I was inspired by our Hawaii trip to try my hand at a pineapple-upside down cake.  I baked it in my cast-iron skillet and it turned out pretty good…never mind the way it looks on top.  I struggled to flip it out onto the platter a bit. 😉




Jos and I made a pinecone bird feeder yesterday…not sure if the birds have found it yet but Nala has!  Luckily, I tied it high enough to prevent her from licking off the peanut butter.


Planting time is upon us!  Jos and I planted a few annuals yesterday.



My little “Master Gardener” helped me water too.  Most of the water actually made it into the planters too!  We did have to change into some dry clothes after this though and let the shoes air-dry, but all in all, she did great. 😉


So busted!  Putting tiny pebbles into the planters.  Apparently, she has a vision for the way these should look. 🙂


And enjoying taking Baby Stella for walks in her stroller!

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