Photo Challenge/Paint the Moon ~ Weeks, 7, 8, 9, & 10


Week 10 ~ Changes

Lots of change happening here…tulips popping up while it is snowing all around, and my baby girl big enough to wear gloves, not mittens, big girl snow boots and pants!  I love the connection of how these tulips are growing and changing daily, as is, my girl!


Another shot from our snow day representing changes.  This was a change that was nice as we haven’t seen snow in a couple of months!  Even nicer that it only lasted the day! 😉


Week 9 ~ Out of the Shadows

Nala was waiting on Jos to come down the slide when I noticed the light coming through the play structure.


Focusing hard on balancing a ducky toy on her xylophone so she could take ducky for rides.


Another one from the play structure!


These crayons spend more time dumped out of their basket home these days than in… 😉


Yep, we live in rodeo country!


Week 8 ~ Wild Card

This week was whatever we wanted which was a nice break!  I loved this story of Jos filling Nala’s treat toy (Nala waiting patiently in the background) and then Nala sliding those doors around in record time to get to her yummy treats!

7-52 ~ Negative Space

Week 7 ~ Negative Space

The idea here is to use that negative space to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject.  Rouxby Photography is awesome at this technique.  I came across her when I was doing all my dog blog stuff, she has a Ridgeback too, and I really dig her style ALOT!  Click on the link and be sure to check her out!

Well, think I’m caught up for now…

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