Foto Fifty ~ Week 8

This week’s theme was Story, so I decided to make up our own number story using Joslyn’s toys and a few of the “games” we like to play.  I will later get this printed and made into an actual book so we can enjoy it.  I wasn’t sure how she would do with this but she was really into it.  She even asked for “ma, ma, ma” or more after I would tell her we were all done.  For me, this theme was definitely more about fun as opposed to the technical aspects of my photos and it was so neat to have Jos (& Nala) involved!  You can view the collage and the individual photos with their story lines below…

Foto Fifty ~  click the link to see more photos from this talented group!



1 happy hippo rides in a shopping cart


2 hungry tigers enjoy a tasty tart


3 speedy cars zoom down the track


4 night owls fly in the dark, so black


5 quacking ducks lined up in a row


6 rainbow fish swimming with the flow


7 burly bears sipping chamomile tea


8 fluffy bunnies on a carrot hunting spree


9 playful pups with their noses in a book


10 darling dolls go to the kitchen to cook

Now, I just have to photograph the cast of characters and a few other things and then get this book put together…yet another thing to add to my ever-growing list. 🙂  It was a fun time though and I think Jos will really enjoy seeing herself and her toys in an actual book, so well worth it!

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One Response to Foto Fifty ~ Week 8

  1. Hey Nala –

    We think your Husky pup is furry khute!

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