Foto Fifty ~ Week 7


Week 7 ~ Capture Time

Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with a 50mm lens, aperture 1.8, shutter speed 1/60 ISO 2000

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I had a few ideas in mind for this week’s them although they didn’t seem to materialize for me.  I was very pleased when I realized this one I snapped on Thursday would work well though.  Jos and I were coming in from playing and she just couldn’t pass up a chance to measure herself in front of the height chart made by her Nanny.  It was dark in this corner of the house except for some light spilling in from the bathroom window illuminating the spot right where Miss Jos was standing.  I thought it was fitting as this height chart is definitely capturing time in our home and serving as a reminder of how quickly it passes!  I’m not sure if it was this week’s theme and this photo or something else all together, but I have really been thinking a lot about how it seems like not that long ago we had such a tiny little peanut and I’m wondering where that baby went?!  How is she such a big girl now with her very own distinctive personality?  How did that baby become this precious toddler whose favorite color is blue, who loves to swing at the “paaak” for as long as she can, who is going to the potty on a daily basis (not consistent yet though), who seems to have an ever-growing appetite, who likes to walk/run like a “speedy centipede” (A Caspar Babypants song), who gives a kiss then 2 hugs, one on each shoulder, to me and her Daddy, who loves to curl up under a blankie and read books with Momma or Daddy, who likes to go down the slide on her “be-y”(belly), who loves to sing into her toy microphone and bang away on her xylophone, who fake cries and gives pouty faces when something doesn’t go her way, who is a little monkey and tries to climb up on everything, who asks for ice cream EVERY night after dinner and sometimes starting at breakfast time, who delights us everyday with her cleverness and loving nature?  I’m feeling so very blessed to have this girl in my life!


We had a rainy day on Thursday but that didn’t stop us from getting outside.  It was nice to have rain…looking forward to more spring rains to come.


Ahhh, she can’t quite open doors yet but it’s coming…


I probably have about 500 shots of Nala just like this but they always make me smile!


It’s a rare thing that we throw her toys around for her these days although I don’t think she cares one way or another.  The only way I could get her into going after this thing was to bribe her with treats!  Hmmmm, it seems she and her sister both have me pegged! 😉 Well, I don’t bribe Jos with food unless you count telling her she has to eat her green beans before she can have any ice cream?! Hehehe!


And this one really makes me smile!  Jos and her pal enjoyed riding in their cardboard “boats” this week.

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